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The Power Dynamix website has been updated to a new layout.

Here is the link to the online store if you need to order parts.

Happy New Year 2017!

Turn Scrap Metal into GOLD!

Does this block look like it’s ready for the scrap pile? Some would call it a well seasoned block. A block that has thousands of miles and several years of operation will definitely have many of the internal stresses relieved over the years.

Either way you look at it, this block will be as good as new after it goes through our ultra rigorous cleaning and precision machining process.

All block are finish honed on our computer controlled Rotter HP6A diamond stone cylinder honing machine. We are able to consistently hold tolerances down to a tenth! (That’s 0.0001″ for you non-machinist folks!)

Yes, we do use torque plates on all of our engines. We torque the head studs to the exact spec for the specific studs being used for that engine.


Finished product ready for pistons and rods to drop in.

Sunnen Line Hone

We pride ourselves in having the latest and greatest computerized machinery to turn out the highest quality engines. However, sometimes you have to go old school and we are one of the very few facilities in Texas to actually have a Line Honing machine in house. As for line honing, the Sunnen CH-100 Machine is the top of the crop.

In addition to having the best machine for the job, we also keep all of our cutting stones and shoes in tip top shape. We replace machine parts at the first hint of trouble.

A shot of the 2JZ getting an align hone in preparation for stronger ARP Main Studs and a engine reinforcement girdle.

A650E Transmission Upgrades!

It is common knowledge that the A650E transmission in the IS300 and GS300 have several inherent weaknesses when it comes to tackling turbocharged power.

We are here to the rescue! As one of the remaining facilities in the world still actively developing parts for the A650E, we are proud to keep this platform alive and kicking!

Photos of the components inside of one A650E transmission.

A stack of output shafts that have been cleaned and treated.

Notice the difference between the IS300 and GS300 output shafts.

In house state of the art machining facility.

We are one of the very few performance shops in the entire country to have a in house engine machining facility.

Most of our machinery is state of the art and computer computer controlled to ensure maximum accuracy and repeatability time and time again.

This is our Rottler Cylinder Block CNC Machine machining a Chevy LS block to exacting tolerances.

Be on the lookout in 2017 for our new machinery and new capabilities!

The PowerDynamix Online Store is now up and running!

We are starting small and slowly working our way to a larger inventory.

Take a look at our products and services!

Now offering 2JZ / 1JZ VVT-i Cam Gear/Pulley Rebuild Kits or Rebuild Service!


For questions or inquiries please send email to

To order the rebuild kit or do a core exchange service, please visit our online store!

Pricing Schedule
Rebuild Kit: $20
– Includes Viton O-Ring and Instructions. User will perform the rebuild.
Rebuild Service: $50
– Teardown and inspection of pulley. Check to make sure tolerances still within spec.
– Clean pulley in parts washer.
– Rebuild pulley with new Viton O-Ring. Parts included.
– Reassembly of pulley. Align front cover to correct position, oil internal gears, use of loctite on all bolts, and retorque all parts back to correct spec.
– Final inspection of everything. Check and confirm gears move properly.
Rebuild Service + Custom Paint: $100
– All the above in the normal $50 rebuild service. Plus the below are performed.
– Pulley is cleaned inside media blaster. All contaminants and rust are removed.
– Outer gear ring is painted silver.
– Inner cover painting commences. This is real car paint. Primer, sealer, base coat, clear coat are applied in that order.
Currently available colors at no additional cost. Anodized silver, blue, purple. Any custom color is available, but at additional cost.

NOTE: I will cross ship the pulleys, but there will be a core charge of $50. It will be refunded when you send me back your leaking pulley.

Built Engine Packages

We are offering complete ready to go built engine packages. Contact us for details

Remember everyone, we are an authorized Comp Turbo dealer!


Hello Everyone. The Power Dynamix website is finally up and running! 🙂